• Laser Nirvana GDS

  • Permanent hair removal. Fast, painless and effective!

    • Laser Nirvana Global  Diode System

    • Diode Laser Nirvana
    • We are introducing the new device Diode Laser Nirvana GDS. It is a new device for hair removal, skin rejuvenation and anti-spot, manufactured entirely in Europe.

      It incorporates a new pulse or multipulse system, which controls the power and maintains the same level for a longer time. This system ensures treatment success, reducing the application time by 80% compared to traditional systems.

    • High power and greater efficiency

      Innovative energy management system that allows very short and most effective shots. Elimination of germinal cell Guaranteed!

    • Example. Full legs hair removal with pulsed light takes 30 minutes. With Laser Nirvana, it take only 5 minutes...

      Easy to use, thanks to its interactive touch screen that let you select individual and customized programs. Versatile, for both aesthetic and medical treatments.

      Innovative and elegant design made of aluminum and exclusive Crystal LowIron, ensuring maximum elegance, durability and perfect performance.

    • fast and effective system!
      Trust the best system manufactured in the EU!

  • Safe all year round and for all skin types (even tanned or VI type).

    • What is it for?

        • Hair removal.
        • Sun-damaged skin.
        • Anti-aging rejuvenation.
        • Abnormal skin pigmentation.
        • Age spots and melanin.
        • Fine lines and wrinkles.
        • Cuperosis and vascular lesions.
        • Congested skin and open pores.
        • Acne.
        • Scars, including deep. In general, it improves and softens them.
        • Stetch marks (pregnancy).
      • Automatic Work Screen
    • Advantages from other systems​

      • Technology has evolved significantly in recent years, perfecting and constantly improving the means for the professional. Diode Laser systems are currently the latest technology on the market. Its main feature is the concentration of energy at a very specific frequency, which  ensures the desired results at this frequency, controlling the purpose of the treatment at all time.

        Main features of Laser technology:

        • Multiple pulses: It allows shooting in burst mode, as fast as we wish, within the limits required by the patient for optimal results. More patients to be treated per day... and less pain.

        • Long-lasting handpiece: It allows several million shots, which greatly optimizes the return on investment and dramatically reduces maintenance costs.
        • We can work with darker skins: the working frequency of these diodes allows a lower energy absorption by melanin, which helps to work with tanned and darker skins.
        • The appropriate wavelength, and its penetration into the dermis, allows the destruction of the germ cells, located in the dermal papilla, dramatically improving the efficiency of other systems such as pulsed light.
    • Characteristics

      • Technical characteristics:

        • Diode Laser System 808 nm.
        • Fluence: 5-40 J / cm2
        • Control TFT touch screen.
        • Pulse duration: 10 to 100 ms adjustable.
        • Pulse frequency: 1 to 10 hz. (Manual mode: up to 4 hz Motion Mode. 5 to 10 hz.)
        • Spot: 10 × 10 mm. 15 million shots.
        • Skin types: phototype I to VI
        • Diode Laser Power: 1.200 W.
        • Cooling: 18 mm diameter Sapphire, from 0 to -5 °C.
        • Compact. 28 Kg. Dimensions: 390 x 505 x 540 mm.
        • Intelligent energy management and calibration.
        • Multivoltage: 230-110 V / 50 - 60 hz.