• Thermojet GTS

  • Fast and efficient reduction treatment!

    • Thermojet
    • Thermojet Morfologic© GTSi s a thermolipolysis appliance that uses deep internal heat to break down fat cells. It uses infrared radiation emitted at a frequency of 8,000 Angstroms, capable of penetrating 4 to 6 centimetres into tissue and the aim of which is to increase the consumption of energy within the body.

      Its technique is based on the skin’s power to absorb the infrared radiation, so that the increase in temperature takes effect on the inside, thus producing lipolysis; it is different from external thermal techniques, the main aim of which is to get the client to sweat to a greater or lesser degree.

    • Thermojet Morfologic© is a thermolipolysis treatment, used mainly to treat clients with overweight problems, either in general or locally. It can also be used for osteo-articular and muscular treatments, whereby internal dry heat helps greatly to alleviate both the cause and the symptoms, and furthermore, it is an excellent method of preparing the area before a massage treatment.

    • Fast and efficient reduction treatment!
      Lose 1’5 kg in 1 session!

  • Customizing Morphological body treatment


        • It stimulates local metabolism
        • It increases the consumption of energy
        • It improves circulation
        • It detoxifies the tissues
        • It increases sweat and sebaceous secretions (excretion)
        • It reabsorbs edemas
        • It improves cutaneous absorption
        • It relaxes the muscles and nerves

      • Morfologic© is an innovative and revolutionary method of designing body therapy equipment; it takes into account the different parameters of each client’s morphology, and based on these, it configures the appliance to carry out the treatment in a way that is fully tailored to her and her morphology (body structure).

        Excellent results are achieved because efficiency and performance is improved, and the patient’s comfort is increased.

        Morfologic© is software exclusive patented by Medicalium and it is used on all new appliances that are capable of customising treatments to suit individual clients extremely accurately and at maximum efficiency.

        Morphology is the method of classifying the different physical characteristics  that each person possesses. These characteristics help us to understand the differences, and to classify people using a system that perfectly defines their features, shapes, temperature, physiology, etc.

      • A person’s morphology is congenital , that is to say that it is passed on in the genes. This means that you cannot change a person’s morphology and it has nothing to do with the individual’s condition, whether he or she is overweight, or at their ideal weight.

        The ability to recognise the morphology of every individual has many advantages when treating an aesthetic abnormality, problem or disease, and what is more important, the selection of a completely personalised treatment.

        It is easy to recognise morphology in the purest of terms when a person is at a normal weight, although it gets a little more complicated in mixed cases with variations in shape, weight and body mass.

        People with the same morphology, and suffering with the same problem, will nearly always react in the same way.

    • ONLINE features

      • For the professional:

        • Real time information about the use of the devices, booked sessions, statistics, etc

        • Personalized diet adapted to the morphology of every customer.

        • Personalized APK for the beauty and health center.

        • Appointment reminder via SMS to ensure full activity.

        • Online technical assistance, fast and easy diagnostic.

        • Possibility to increase personalization.

      • For the client:

        • Downloadable application to book sessions.

        • Get in touch with the statistics: lost weight, sessions done, …